What is HeadEst? - HeadEst
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What is HeadEst?

“Its great that you TRUST young people in this camp. Continue like this!”



All young people, despite their origin, gender, disability or family background, have equal ability to become self-sufficient, self-reliant, caring, tolerant and self-fulfilling adults. In other words people you would like to have as your neighbor, family member, coworker, boss…

HeadEst believes that all young people are able to design their lives and they have equal right to do it, despite their social, health or material background. Sometimes they just need a little support.

HeadEst was started by Epp Adler and Pille-Mai Helemäe, who at one point found that it is nice to do things together.


“We wanted to implement our ideas for youth and community in our way and give our contribution, so that the world would be great place also for our greatgreatgreat grandchildren.”


NGO HeadEst was born on September 30, 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia.


We wish to help young people in becoming caring, independent, autonomous, aware, courageous, responsible, creative, funny and active members of society.

From our experience young people have all skills and abilities necessary, but sometimes they lack self-confidence or ability to recognize their own strengths. Sometimes it is enough to just to talk to them, give them information or praise them, but sometimes you need to push or encourage them. Often you simply need to offer them their first experience, so they could start believing in themselves.


We work in three areas

  • Tolerant and caring society – international projects, trainings
  • Autonomous and self-reliant young people – simulation games, trainings, camps, workshops
  • Supporting and increasing of professional skills of people who work with youngsters – trainings and materials to support professional communication and methodological skills, awareness and attitudes of youth workers, teachers, volunteers etc.


HeadEst targets its activities mainly to unorganized young people (aged 13-18) and all people working with them, e.g. youth workers, teachers, parents, volunteers.

We target unorganized young people because we are convinced that all people like to and want to contribute to community and society, but many people do not like structural membership, they have not found the right group or they simply need encouragement, first experience or a role-model to make the first step.

HeadEst wants to make the modern diversity of possibilities available to everybody. That includes also them who do not consider themselves able enough; do not believe they have a right for them or do not consider themselves worthy.



  • We do not waste.
  • We prefer reusable creative tools and materials.
  • We prefer methods that do not require things and do not create waste.
  • Young people are not children.
  • Young people need trustworthy, supporting and inspiring learning (not teaching) environment and adults.
  • Learning is cool, but it is the task of adults to make it cool.
  • Every youngster is valuable.